Chapter 1: Roleplaying

In this chapter, the rules about roleplaying and the ways on how to roleplay on Tamrielcraft are explained.

How to roleplay on TC

Start your roleplay adventure

In order to start your own roleplay character, and to fully experience the rich environment of Tamrielcraft, you have to first be accepted to the community as a roleplayer. In order to do so, you have to submit a Character Sheet. This sheet will be reviewed by the Lore Team which in turn will decide whether this character is acceptable in the current community. More information can be found on the Discord [LINK!] or here.

Once your character sheet has been accepted, you'll be promoted to the rank of RolePlayer. Congrats on doing so!


Preparing your in-game character

Creating your Identity in-game

Since you are officially a member of the role-play community of Tamrielcraft, you are able to use commands related to the TC plugin. As a first, your should create your in-game identity using the character sheet that was accepted previously. To do so, you can use the following main command: /tc rp. This command will list all the available sub commands for role-playing purposes.

The creation of your character sheet in-game will be simplified with the next update of the TC plugin.

The following list contains the available properties to set with their related commands:

Property Command Result
Info /tc rp info <username> Shows the character sheet of the supplied username
Age /tc rp age <ageNumber> Sets your age to the specified value
Gender /tc rp gender <male/female> Sets your gender to the specified value
Race /tc rp race info

Lists all available races

  /tc rp race <raceName>

Displays information about the specified race

  /tc rp race set <raceName>

Sets your character's race to the specified value

Class /tc rp class info

Lists all available classes

  /tc rp class <className>

Displays information about the specified class

  /tc rp class set <className>

Sets your character's class to the specified value

Most of the set commands can only be executed once! Be careful and confirm before executing the command.


Checking your skill-tree

As with the rp commands, you are also able to check your characters progress on the different skills that can be mastered using the command /skills . This will pop-up an inventory in which the different possible skills are shown. Clicking on one of the items will lead you to the details page of this skill.

Solstheim Event RP

What I have:

House Telvanni Character Leader

All locations needed

NPC draft characters

What I need:

House Redoran Character Leader

People to partake

Event Details

As for now, there will be two separate story lines converging together on a single story line. The story lines follow similar stories with both sides scouting out the Temple of Miraak. Each side will do 3 or 4 scouts, depending on several factors. Once both sides are finished scouting the location, the proper story will begin.e

Both sides will "coincidentally" scout the location for the last time at the same time. This time, however, the location will contain some <spoiler> forces. The forces will force the sides to retreat. From this, a <spoiler> will occur. A treaty will be formed between Redoran and Telvanni for the duration of the invasion. The <spoiler> will take part in 5 random locations across the island. Once all 5 locations are cleared, both sides will launch an attack on the Temple. They will fight the <spoiler> and push into the end of the Temple, where they will be faced with <spoiler>. They will be given and conundrum and the answer they give will effect how the event ends.