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BigD/Tigerthjeu's Build Log

In-game name: SamplePlayer
NickName: Sampler

Updated as of 2019-07-27

Build name Coordinates Last worked on Verified by


Ebonheart   Staff member

Vivecs antlers

Vivecs Antlers    



Skaal Village

Skaal Village    
Temple of Miraak interiors Temple of Miraak    

Old Salty

Northshore Landing    

Iron breaker mine

Iron Breaker Mine    

Bujold's Retreat

Bujolds Retreat    
Davons Watch Davons Watch    
The Matron's Clutch The Matron's Clutch    
Dhalmora Dhalmora    
Sulfur Pools Sulfur Pools    
Senie Senie    
Lake Hlaalu Retreat Lake Hlaalu Retreat    
Nilera's Farmhouse Vivec Farmhouses    
Gro-Bargrat Plantation Vivec Farmhouses    
Piemette's Farmhouse Vivec Farmhouses    
Dirara's Farmhouse Vivec Farmhouses    
Balur's Farmhouse Vivec Farmhouses    
Manat's Farmgouse Vivec Farmhouses    
Pelagiad Pelagiad    
Mzanch Mzanch    
Arvel Plantation Vivec Farmhouses    
Arvel Manor Vivec Farmhouses    
Hla Oad Hla Oad    
Tel Mithryn (deco) Tel Mithryn    
Grytewake (wreck) Grytewake    
Unexplored Shipwreck Unexplored Shipwreck    
Molag Mar Molag Mar    
Seyda Neen Seyda Neen    
Broken Tusk mine Broken Tusk Mine    
Haknir's Shoal Haknir's Shoal    
Ald Sotha Ald Sotha    
Suran Suran    
Nchardumz Nchardumz    
Gnisis Gnisis    
Bristleback Cave Bristleback Cave    
Caldera Caldera    
Helnim Helnim    
Othrelas Ancestral Tomb Othrelas    
Samarys Ancestral Tomb Samarys    
Thelas Ancestral Tomb Thelas    
Releth Ancestral Tomb Releth    
Tharys Ancestral Tomb Tharys    
Andrethi Ancestral Tomb Andrethi    
Norvayn Ancestral Tomb Norvayn    
Raviro Ancestral Tomb      
Llervu Ancestral Tomb      
Caldera Mining Company      
Helan Ancestral Tomb      
Heran Ancestral Tomb      

Besides the coordinates of your build, you can also add a direct link to the dynamic map. Just navigate to your build on the dynmap and set the location link with the button in the left bottom corner. This url can then be used as a hyperlink in your build log.