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New Members

This brief introduction to TamrielCraft will help you to familiarize yourself with our wiki and provide information about how you can join the team and help us to realize our goal of completely recreating the continent of Tamriel in Minecraft.


Finding Your Way Around

Firstly, you might have noticed a link called Books in the top right corner of the wiki, by the search bar. Clicking it will take you to a "table of contents" page for our wiki, and from there you can navigate to any of the other main sections of our wiki. Clicking on a Book's title will show you the contents of that book, further divided into "chapters" and "pages." Each chapter will have its own pages relevant to the topic that you chose, viewable in the left-hand column where you can easily navigate the contents of the current Book and Chapter that you are reading.


How to Contribute

For example, if you would like to know how to become a builder and help us create the various towns, cities and dungeons found on Tamriel, you would choose the Building Book, followed by the Build Logs Chapter, and then you could explore the build logs located within, if you were curious about who on our team was responsible for building your favorite location on Tamriel. You could also check out the Introduction Chapter to submit your own Builder Application for earning the right to help us to create new towns, cities and dungeons.


Lore and Roleplay

Or, perhaps you're more interested in the storytelling and world-building aspects of Tamriel? Not a problem, you can find our more by clicking on the Lore Book, and from there you can learn about how to join our Roleplaying community, where you'll find information about the latest RP Events, and submit your own Character Sheet to play along.


Resource Pack and Server Updates

TamrielCraft uses a customized resource pack, which is based on the work of Maffew. You should be prompted to download and use the pack the first time your join our Minecraft Server, and if not, be sure to check your multiplayer settings to make sure that feature is enabled. Of course, you can always use your own preferred resource pack if you really want to, but keep in mind that certain builds may not the way we intended them if you do.

Finally, you can easily keep track of the newest information by checking out the list of most recent changes in the left hand column of the Home Page, where you can also read our rules or check out our social media channels.