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Hrojar Dragonskin by Kingtag1999

IGN: Kingtag1999

Character's Name: Hrojar (pronounced Hro-yar) Dragonskin

Age: 20

Class: Knight

Major Skills: Restoration, Blade, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Block, One Handed.

Minor Skills: Two-Handed; Sneak; Archery; Security; Mercantile; Alchemy; Enchanting.

Physical Description: Hrojar is a male Nord, 20 years of age. He wears a combination of heavy armor and light armor, which allows him to both take hits and get close to an enemy. He is brown-haired, fair-skinned, and highly adventurous. He is courageous, and would willingly lay down his life for his Shield-Siblings and allies.

Backstory: Hrojar is the son of a Nord Knight in the Imperial Legion. At a young age, he expressed interest in following in the footsteps of his father, Bregar Dragonskin. At the age of 14, his wish came true, and he was knighted by his father. He served his father faithfully for 6 years, but that all changed when Bregar was killed, assassinated some would say. After doing some digging, Hrojar discovered that his father was supplying Imperial orders to the Thalmor. Disgusted with his father, he vowed to surpass him. To that end, he has served all over Tamriel, and has made many allies, none more so important than his Shield-Sibling, Astryd Helmsplitter.

Personality: Hrojar is a determined young individual, who strives to surpass his father. He is very courageous, and would willing lay down his life for his allies. As a result of his Knight training, he is chivalrous, kind, and wise. Some people claim he is wiser than even the Emperor. Most of all, however, he always strives for the greater good, and never falls to temptation. This unwavering determination has earned him the respect of his fellow Knights and allies, enough to make him Knight-Errant of the Imperial Legion.

Any other notes on your character: N/A

Skin: Simple Nord skin (link in case the Staff needs it: