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Tanron Lillandlian by Samlr0n

Character's Name: Tanron Lillandlian

Race: Altmer Age: 19

Class: Archery, Martial Arts and Stealth

Physical Description: Long blonde hair, light blue eyes. Thin face tall body and quite slim.

Backstory: Born to an Elven family but then exiled for high treason. He then was hunted down and chained to a tree with no way of escape until humans found him and set him free. For his exile he despises his own kind and sides with the humans when war rages. He learned his archery skills from the humans who freed him as they were fine archers. Then His martial skills developed naturally for he is an elf.

Personality: Tanron is quite bitter with a very short temper which is more reminiscent of a dwarf than an elf. He can have his kind moments but very rare and usually makes the price shorter and shorter when trading so he barely spends anything at all. How he does this i hear you ask by threatening to slice the merchants throat of course. Overall he is a confusing character due to him being bitter all the time but kind sometimes.

Any other notes on your character: He has to be careful when entering his people’s land due to his exile if he is caught he will be sentenced to death. Despite this he sneaks beyond the boarders undetected and steals valuables and treasures that the elves truly value. A few times he has seen his parents until his father died and his mother sat there sobbing in grief. At that moment he truly wished he could run to her to cheer her up bur unfortunately he knows what will happen if he does so. Tanron always carries around his small knife/dagger called Gynethenbon gifted to him by his mother upon his exile to help him survive the story of the weapon is truly great despite its size it has slain hundreds of orcs in its life time and all Orc fear it. He wears only light metal armour that has horns on either side of his helm. This isn’t traditional Altmer armour and he knows that so he wears it to show he is not with his people and despised them