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Etzeo's Build Log

In-game name: Etzeo
NickName: Etz (or whatever)

Updated as of 2019-08-02

Work in progress.

Build name Coordinates Last worked on Verified by
Anvil decorations   08/07/2019  


Build name Coordinates Completed on Verified by
Balmora decorations (east); Morrowind 4731 z -1049 06/24/2019 Lord_Vehk
Ald Sotha parts and decorations; Vvardenfell wilderness next Vivec city; Morrowind 5458 z -395 06/25/2019 Lord_Vehk
Whiterun bridges near Honningbrew meadery; Skyrim -40 z -1538 06/25/2019 CaptainQuantum
Heljarchen hall (Dawnstar-Whiterun Road, near the border); Skyrim -174 z -2195 07/12/2019 Mattaka!$?%boi
Karthwasten; Skyrim -2651 z -2410 08/02/2019 NicTheFifth