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How to create your build log

To keep track of the progress of Tamriel, and to check for player activity, we require all builders (or higher ranked players) to have a complete build log. 

All the players of Tamrielcraft that have builder rights or higher, should have a build log. This build log describes the builds this player has worked on.

Since the new changes to the way we're tracking builds, we need to have a new way to keep track of who is building what. Going forward, we are requiring all builders to log what builds they have been working on. To do this, they must create a page in the section Build Logs in the Building Book. They need to edit and keep their page up to date.

Not updating your build log could result in removal of your building privileges!

In order to create your own build log, go to Build Logs and find the option + New Page in the right top tools bar. Make sure your page is titled: [Your name here]'s Build Log.

An example of a build log can be found here. It is advised to organise your builds in reversed chronological order (most recent on top).