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"Morrowind, homeland of the Dunmer peoples, is the northeastmost province of the Tamrielic Empire. Most of the population is gathered in the high uplands and fertile river valleys of central Morrowind, especially around the Inland Sea. The island Vvardenfell is encircled by the Inner Sea, and is dominated by the titanic volcano Red Mountain and its associated ash wastelands; most of the island's population is confined to the relatively hospitable west and southwest coast."
―Imperial Geographic Society[src]




This marvelous creation by BigD and Techno can be found at x=4592 & y=64 & z=950

Use /warp ebonheart to be teleported there on the server.





This creation done by Vivec and MarkedForDeath can be found at x=4747 & y=64 & z=-394

Use /warp seydaneen to be teleported there on the server.