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Welcome to the Official Tamrielcraft Wiki Are you new to Tamrielcraft? Click on the link above to be taken to the New Members page, which will describe how this wiki works and provide you with more information on how you can help Tamrielcraft improve a...

How to create your build log

Building Chapter 2: Building Guides

To keep track of the progress of Tamriel, and to check for player activity, we require all builders (or higher ranked players) to have a complete build log.  All the players of Tamrielcraft that have builder rights or higher, should have a build log. This bui...

Example of a Build Log

Building Chapter 3: Build Logs

In-game name: SamplePlayerDiscord name: Sampler Updated as of 2018-05-28 Work in progress. Build name Coordinates Last worked on Verified by Sample build Normal World: 0, 0, 0 yyyy-mm-dd Staff member On hold Build name Coordinates Last wo...

SamplePlayers's Character Sheet

Lore Chapter 2: Character Sheets

IGN: [Minecraft Username] Character's Name: [Please try to stick to lore friendly names.] Race: [Playable races currently only available] Age: [If it’s above average lifespan, a reason needs to be given in the backstory] Class: [Your character’s class, plu...

Pringlulz' Build Log

Building Chapter 3: Build Logs


Laria's Build Log

Building Chapter 3: Build Logs

In-game name: Laria Updated as of 2018-05-28 Build name Coordinates Last worked on Verified by Wellspring Cave 1295, 62, 2159 View on map 2018-06-08 YH Dzonot Cave 412, 62, 2181 View on map 2018-05-29 YH Cheydinhal 2180, 62, ...

YH's Build Log

Building Chapter 3: Build Logs

In-game name: _YH_ Updated as of 2018-05-28 Build name Coordinates Last worked on Verified by Balmora   2015-04-29 Laria Cheydinhal 2180, 62, 1604   Map View 2018-05-27 Laria Chorrol -950, 62, 1600   Map View 2016-05-11 Laria Crum...

How to roleplay on TC

Lore Chapter 1: Roleplaying

Start your roleplay adventure In order to start your own roleplay character, and to fully experience the rich environment of Tamrielcraft, you have to first be accepted to the community as a roleplayer. In order to do so, you have to submit a Character Sheet....

Solstheim Event RP

Lore Chapter 1: Roleplaying

What I have: House Telvanni Character Leader All locations needed NPC draft characters What I need: House Redoran Character Leader People to partake Event Details As for now, there will be two separate story lines converging together on a single story ...

NicTheFifth's Build log

Building Chapter 3: Build Logs

IGN: NicTheFifth Updated: 27-6-2018 Build name Coordinates Last worked on Verified by Miraak's Temple 3260,100,-4590  14-1-2018 NicTheFifth/Darksamus Ravenrock 2850, 62, -4130 unkown NicTheFifth/Darksamus Kagrumez 3180, 62, 3980  25...


1. NO ABUSE This includes any and all forms of insults, flaming, trolling, harassment, and aggressive and disrespectful behaviour. Continued display of offensive behaviours will result in an immediate ban.   2. NO GRIEFING OR MODIFICATION OF BUILDS M...

Staff and Credits

The Tribunal [Administrators]BlueMoonyCaptainQuantumNicovicTheSixth The Ordinators [Moderators]Next Gen CraboPringLulzYH Team LeadsBigDMarkedForDeathMichaelSupspoeki Build ImportsBalmora by 95GrumpleChorrol by Jswizzy84Falinesti Tree by TechnoImperial City ...

JJ's Build Log

Building Chapter 3: Build Logs

Last Updated 06/23/18   Hi, I'm JJ and I like building exteriors. IGN: Jetplane Build Coordinates Last Worked On Notes Verified By Ivarstead 604 118 -854 :shrug emoji: Built from scratch. New terrain by Fonta   Morthal  -1200 70 -27...

Dynamic Map Legend

Building Chapter 2: Building Guides

Tamrielcraft's Dynamic Map is mainly used for navigating around the endless world. To add some markers on it, Tonal Architects and higher ranked players can use /dmarker add <marker-label> icon:<icon-id> . The marker-label is the label used under t...

New Members

This brief introduction to TamrielCraft will help you to familiarize yourself with our wiki and provide information about how you can join the team and help us to realize our goal of completely recreating the continent of Tamriel in Minecraft.   Finding Your...



This Building Book contains all the required information about the construction guidelines and building projects of Tamrielcraft. The left side of this page contains the Table of Contents and allows for easy navigation. The following sections will shortly desc...



Here comes the intro


Building Chapter 1: Provinces & Builds

"Skyrim, also known as the Old Kingdom or the Fatherland, was the first region of Tamriel settled by humans from the continent of Atmora: the hardy, brave, warlike Nords, whose descendants still occupy this rugged land. Though more restrained and civilized th...


Building Chapter 1: Provinces & Builds

"Morrowind, homeland of the Dunmer peoples, is the northeastmost province of the Tamrielic Empire. Most of the population is gathered in the high uplands and fertile river valleys of central Morrowind, especially around the Inland Sea. The island Vvardenfell ...

Masterof Keyblade's Build Log

Building Chapter 3: Build Logs

  Ingame name:MasterofKeyblade Nickname:Matt Updated as of June 20th, 2020   Build Name Coordinates Last Worked On Extra Notes Verified by                                         Dunmer districts Windhelm interior ...